‘CREATIVE FARM’ A design office that steps beyond the borders in product development.

In addition to product development and design that we work primarily on, our studio gets actively involved in parts of the wider design process that most conventional design offices don’t touch, such as planning of product displays, exhibitions, showrooms and promotion tools, art direction (including visual identities and PR planning), statistical analysis, and sales planning.

In the modern world, creative problem-solving is a crucial ability for business survival. Organisations that stick firmly to existing thoughts and structures won’t survive.

As a ‘farm’ that nurtures creativity of the businesses, our aim is to be something more than a creative services firm: to become more free ranged, an organic collective of creative ideas: a ‘CREATIVE FARM (not FIRM)’.

‘Design ≠ Appearance ’When we say design, it is not just about colours or shapes.

We think of design as an important ‘planning’ in order to deliver a message – in the form of products or services – from companies, straight to consumers, and for that message to be welcomed by its recipients.

The world is full of products and services, and competition is fiercer than ever. We cannot reach out to consumers if we design the look, style, or functionality of products with the production-orientated mindset of ‘what we make should sell’.

We design to answer the everyday needs of the consumer, not for the sake of art. That is why we see the importance of carrying out diverse research and statistical analysis of sales.